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Martha’s Vineyard now finds itself in the Dover Amendment controversy

Dover Amendment approach avoids transparency from the Martha’s Vineyard Times 25, 2020

To the Editor: Last week, just a few weeks after submitting their permitting application, the MVRHS leadership attended the Oak Bluffs planning board meeting and, during the public comment part of the meeting, Assistant Superintendent Ritchie Smith read a passage from the Dover Amendment. Essentially, this amendment says that the law exempts agricultural, religious, and educational corporations from zoning restrictions. In other words, the MVRHS claimed that they intend to circumvent the standard municipal site-plan review process. It is our understanding that the Dover Amendment could be applied to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission as well.We disagree with the MVRHS’ approach. This is not a path of transparency. Nor is it setting a good precedent.We recognize and appreciate that, like us, everyone wants what is best for our Island and for our kids. But a divided community and no due process is not what is best for this Island or for our kids. To reach a solution we can all get behind, we hope that our education leadership demonstrate respect for the public review process, abide by municipal regulations, and model civil debate. Mollie Doyle, Dardanella Slavin, and Rebekah Thomson The Field Fund

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